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Photography opens up new ways for me to see, explore and make sense of what is around me. My non-traditional photography learning journey has been shaped through classes and workshops at the Smithsonian Institution, Montgomery College, and Photoworks, and the journey continues.

As a mathematician my eye is attracted to photographing shapes, structures and symmetries. However, my artist's eye is intrigued by what is found in unexpected places.  I am especially excited when I find interesting abstracts. 

Water and marine environments are part of much of my work. I am energized when I can capture moments in time, moods and feelings, or even special vibes in nature or at special events.  My inner geek enjoys figuring out and mastering the technical stuff, but technology isn't an end unto itself, rather it is the tool to create the magic.

I am the photographer for Community Reach of Montgomery County, the Kensington Day of the Book Festival, and Oasis.  It is both rewarding and challenging to make images that communicate the stories of these organizations and their activities and demonstrate their impact.

Let me know if you are interested in working with me to tell the story of your organization in pictures.

judy e ackerman



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